Moroccan leather

The leather bags

The leather bags are from the fancy goods, made of the luxurious Moroccan leather. Which has a perfect reputation for its premium quality and durability. They ” the leather bags” come from the deep of Fes Medina “the old tanneries”. Using the hides of goats, cows, sheep, and camels. Passing by the old methods of tanning that inherited from generation to generation. Some methods developed by the Greeks and ancient Romans.


The leather bags are handmade by skillful artisans, in the Moroccan leather, various natural materials are used such as bran, pigeon’s droppings, quicklime, etc. The hides used most frequently by craftsman are of goat and sheep. Furthermore, the leather dyed with natural pigments, for instance, mint, saffron, cedarwood, olive oil, and pomegranate powder. In order to give you these fabulous leather products as poufs, bags, etc.

Leather bags offer you highly practical bags, which will be a great addition to your style. We have various types of bags for what women and men needs, in different vibrant colors and adorned with carved leather in charming Moroccan patterns, such as the shoulder bags, the travel bags, the clutches, the backpacks, the satchel messenger, and the duffel bags.

Our collection also includes the purses, wallets, pencil cases, and the clutches. If you are looking for a fascinating, unique look with the magical Moroccan twist, our selection of leather bags is for you, you will feel the unforgettable smell of these stunning bags, you will fall under the spell of a special world when you will carry the Moroccan authenticity in your hands.

So connect with us & get your own leather bags that will give you a stylish and elegant look. We make sure that you receive your Moroccan bags fast and in better condition, with our well-known shipping companies (CONTAINERS, DHL, FEDEX, Post, etc.)