« Moroccan Leather Bags », to produce the best variety of the Moroccan Traditional  Modern Leather bags. All of the products and graphics content belong to the Owner of the Website.
Phone number: +212 664 80 40 50

Price & Payment:

The prices indicated do not include shipping.

We will send you our Bank details documents Via email :

You need to make or transfer the payment from you Bank account to our Bank account Company, which is Moroccan artisans Factory.
Then you will send us via email documents of your payment.
In the end we will send you the invoice of the confirmation of your order.

Transport and delivery:

The Bags are shipped out of Moroccan Artisans Factory  warehouse in Fez (Morocco).

The Bags are packed in cardboard boxes, loaded on a pallet which is
properly protected and sealed. The pallet will be unloaded on the street
or pavement, in a location accessible to a lorry with a tailgate and a hand pallet truck.

Moroccan Artisans Factory offers transportation with an international
logistics company but customers may choose their own transport company. In all cases, the transport of the Bags from Fez is the client’s responsibility.