Moroccan leather bags

Moroccan leather bags

The Moroccan leather bags is one of the glamorous products, that comes from the Moroccan leather, which passes through multiple steps, to prepare it for the craftsman, in order to fabricate various products like, the stylish Moroccan bags, the Moroccan poufs, the famous Moroccan slippers, etc.



You see and feel the flawless and high craftsmanship in the Moroccan leather bags or any other product. And this is due to the hard and patient work, from the tanners to the craftsmen.

First, the leather washed in a mixture of pigeon droppings, cow urine, quicklime, salt and water, this mixture helps to remove fat, flesh, and hair. The hides soaked for 2 to 3 days following those tanners scrap far abundance hair fibers, then those leathers get ready for dyeing. 

Second, the leather washed in large earth holes to prepare it for the natural dying process. We use all natural pigments that usually come from plants or spices, like cedar trees give brown color, poppy flowers for red, mint for green, indigo for blue, saffron for yellow, and olive oil for a natural shine.                                              

 Once the leather dyed, then passed to dry under the sun on the rooftops. After that, the tanners separate the hides into big heaps based on the color of each one. In the end, they sent it to the artisans for fabricating gorgeous products.

This is how the used leather in the fashionable Moroccan leather bags is made, so if you want to see our collection, browse our categories.

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